Thursday, December 27, 2007

Notable DVD Releases

It's been a long time, and to those I promised a review of Brocka's Cadena de Amor (1971), that's coming soon. But for now, look at all of these very, very notable Tagalog DVD releases from this year. 2007 was a great year for Tagalog DVD releases, and these prove just why.

1. Celso ad Castillo's Tag Ulan sa Tag Araw (1976)
2. Lino Brocka's Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang (1974), Insiang (1976), Tatlo, Dalawa, Isa (1974), and Tatay Kong Nanay (1978)
3. Ishmael Bernal's Himala (1982) and Broken Marriage (1983)
4. Elwood Perez's Silip (1986)
5. Joey Gosiengfiao's Temptation Island (1981)

This is not exactly an expansive release of the most significant Filipino films on DVD (until Gosiengfiao's Babae, Ngayonat Kailanman (1977) gets a DVD release, I don't think the best of Filipino cinema has been as of yet released on DVD), nor are they as celebrated as the releases for the early films by Burnett or Davies, but the release of these films are still important steps towards wider recognition of Filipino cinema. And most of these are English-subtitled, so buy, buy buy!